Minneapolis Man Loots Engagement Ring; Proposes To GF On Twitter! (Video)


A Minnesota man allegedly looted a local jewelry store, Cadillac Pawn, and stole an engagement ring - which he later used to propose to his girlfriend. The entire city is burning, and thousands of people are looting.

And one man decided to steal an engagement ring for his bae.


His girlfriend now fiancee posted a pic and video of her stolen engagement ring on social media, MTO News has learned, and by the post the woman seemed to like the gesture.

The woman - who goes by the Twitter handle LilJosieeVert - posted pics of her new rock on Twitter, and showed off the stolen engagement ring. When her friends asked her if she was joking, the woman told her pals, ""I'm deadass."

Here's a picture of the ring:


And here's a video, where you can hear the woman and her fiancee laughing about how they obtained the looted ring.

Here's the video of people looting the jewelry store: