Mindy Kaling, one of the main cast members for popular series, 'The Office,' has revealed that she was a diversity hire for the comedy series.

"I thought it was fun to actually talk about diversity hires in a really open way, because I was a diversity hire for The Office," Kaling told Yahoo Entertainment in a recent interview. "I came up through the NBC diversity hiring [program].

"And I used to be so embarrassed about that. I was so embarrassed that people would know about it. And I wouldn't tell anyone. … The other writers will think that was the only reason I was hired."

Mindy played Kelly Kapoor, who first appeared in the series' second episode, "Diversity Day," where Michael Scott is forced to undertake diversity training after sharing an inappropriate Chris Rock joke with his employees.

"What I didn't realize then was that it wasn't something to be ashamed of, that this really great organization was giving me something that other people have born access to, and I won't ever be embarrassed about it again," Kaling explained.

Her new movie, 'Late Night' is centered around Kaling's character, also a diversity hire, who is the only female writer in a male-dominated joke-writing team.