Milwaukee Rapper LIL CHICKEN . . . Gets Caught With 'TRANSGENDER'!! (Pics & Details)

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 Milwaukee rapper named Lil Chicken is caught up in a transgender scandal - after it was exposed that he met and was alone in his car with a transgender that he met on social media.

What happened in the car is in dispute. According to Lil Chicken, nothing happened. Lil Chicken explained on a social media pot, "I didn't know he was a n*gga when I met him." But when Chicken got up close with the trans-person, he thought something was funny.

If anything DID happen with the Milwaukee rapper, he claims to have been "tricked" into it.

This is the trans-lady:


MTO News confirmed that the rapper drove the transgender home from a club he was performing at. But according to Lil Chicken, "nothing happened" on the ride home. His story sounds real shaky. Listen:

But the transgender had receipts. She provided a photo - taken inside Chicken's car. She claims to have performed or*l on him.


Here's a phone conversation between them after the fact too:

Which story sounds more believable???

Here's a little background on Lil Chicken from a Milwaukie newspaper:

Lil Chicken, a young chameleon of a rapper who continually finds new sounds and styles to adopt on each track, and somehow makes all of them work for him. “Story of My Life” is another knockout, a manifesto that opens with a stratospheric line that sets the tone for the whole track: “Usually I just rap, I don’t write, but I started because I finna write a book about my life…” And we’re off. On some of his recent tracks Chicken has taken on a little bit of a Rich Homie Quan lilt to his voice, and here he sells the hell out of it. His dance moves in the video are an added bonus.