A group of concerned citizens tracked down and then shot a man that the crowd believed was involved in human trafficking. And then they burned down the home where the trafficking was allegedly taking place.


And the shooting was captured on Instagram Live

Here is the link to the video

In the video, a crowd of concerned citizens located a man that they believed may have captured multiple women - and forced them into prostitution.

Two teenage girls missing since Sunday afternoon have been found according to their family (one according to the police department, see update) and a house that a crowd believed to be connected to their disappearance was burned to the ground.

The confused situation erupted Tuesday afternoon after community organizers and others were alerted that two teenage girls and other missing children were spotted going between the house and a red van.

Several dozen people gathered outside the house and the Milwaukee Police Department was called. But community organizer Frank Nitty, who arrived on the site after a crowd had begun to gather, expressed frustration with the police response time and perceived lack of action.

So the crowd boxed in the man's car, and attempted to hold him until the police arrived.

The man didn't wait, and instead quickly pulled off.

That's when one of the citizens pulled out a handgun and shot the man. Multiple shots were fired, and according to social media reports, the man was hit.

MTO News reached out to the Milwaukee Police for comment. They did not offer a response before this article was published.

Here is the link to the video