Hollywood actress Mila Kunis is reportedly "upset" that Demi Moore is spilling all the tea about her previous marriage to Ashton Kutcher in her new memoir, Inside Out.

In her book, Demi details Kutcher's alleged cheating and revealed that she regrets the threesomes they had together.

Mila is currently married to Kutcher, and they have children together. Prior to his marriage with Mila, Kutcher was married to Demi who is much older than him.

"Mila hates that Demi is airing all her dirty laundry in her book because it involves so much stuff that she doesn't want her kids ever to ever read or be made fun of for," a source told HollywoodLife. 

"Mila having to deal with her husband's ex is one thing but to deal with an ex where everything is laid out there for the world to see is a whole other thing all together. Mila is not happy and is really waiting for this all to die down because she would rather be dealing with anything else. She is not having a good time with it."

Demi is trying hard to whip up as much publicity for the book as she can. She even claimed that she took the virginity of Two and a Half Men actor Jon Cryer - who stars in the show alongside Kutcher.

Cryer denied the claim, adding that he had already lost his virginity in high school.