This week, social media was shocked to see Wack 100, the manager of The Game and Blueface reveal on social media that Mike Tyson put the paws on him.

The allegation was then backed up by Mike, who also posted on his Instagram page, confirming the altercation went down.

But according to The Blast the podcast filming between Wack 100 and the former heavyweight champ could not have been more pleasant, and at no point was there a fight or even an argument.

According to the outlet, after Wack taped “Hotboxin with Mike Tyson,” he decided to do a little unconventional promotion and fabricated the story that he and Tyson ended up in a brawl over an argument having to do with the late Tupac Shakur. Mike jumped on board. The episode has not yet been released, but if viewers are hoping to watch a full-on brawl during the episode - they'll likely be out of luck.