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Mike Tyson Says He Cried For Opponents Before Heavyweight Fights

Mike Tyson says he used to cry for his opponents before he used to fight them.

"I'm pretty scared and I'm being scared that I'm gonna do something bad to this guy that his family's not gonna like. And I'm gonna feel really guilty and really bad at the end. That's how I fight," he told Claressa Shields on his podcast.

Last week, Logan Paul said he wanted to fight the former heavyweight world champion.

"It's been kind of possible for a little bit," he said. "Then the rumors started circulating and we didn't say anything. And then it got confirmed. And then I was reading the tweets and social commentary and everyone was saying 'Mike Tyson will f*cking kill Logan Paul.' So, a fight that I originally hadn't considered people don't think I'd win."

Logan and Mike could still be agreeing to a fight. "I'm kinda considering it just to shut people the f*ck up. I find it absurd people don't think I'll beat Mike Tyson," the Youtuber added.