Eminem recently visited Mike Tyson's Hotboxin with Mike Tyson podcast, where he told the rapper that he's the only white guy that knows "what it's like to be a n*gga."

Tyson praised Em's work ethic. Eminem did start from the bottom and work his way up, although we're still not sure we're buying the comparison.

"Everything you got was, f*ckin' -- not even given to you," Tyson said. "You f*ckin' slaved for it, you know what I mean? You're the only white guy that knows what it's like to be a n*gga."

To which Em responded -- "Not sure how to answer that. But, uh, nah, man. It's uh ... I mean, you know, we all got our story." Eminem laughed, but he knew better than to outright agree with Tyson -- Twitter would have dragged him for filth.

You can check out Eminem's full Hotboxin' interview with Mike Tyson below.