Mike Pence Trips & Falls While Running Up Air Force Two

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Vice President Mike Pence found himself at the butt of many jokes on Twitter after he was filmed tripping and falling while running up the stairs of his Air Force Two airplane.

Pence almost made it to the top unscathed until he reached the top of the red-carpeted stairs -- before tripping and landing on his hands.

Pence was on his way to Wisconsin, where he was scheduled to attend a roundtable discussion on school choice with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Pence was recently criticized for falsely blaming the increase in the country's COVID-19 cases on the increase in testing.

"I would just encourage you all, as we talk about these things, to make sure and continue to explain to your citizens the magnitude of increase in testing," Pence said on a call with governors obtained by The New York Times. "And that in most of the cases where we are seeing some marginal rise in number, that's more a result of the extraordinary work you're doing."

He continued: "But also encourage people with the news that we are safely reopening the country. That, as we speak today, because people are going back to hospitals and elective surgery and getting ordinary care, hospitalization rates may be going up. But according to our most current information, hospitalizations for coronavirus are going down across the country."

Experts say this simply is not true.