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Miguel has just copped a marriage license to wed his high school sweetheart, model Nazanin Mandi.

According to TMZ, the pair went to a Los Angeles courthouse yesterday to obtain a license and to sign documents along with a group of pals.

Miguel and Nazanin have been in a relationship since 2005 and have been engaged for almost 3 years. There was a false alarm back in September when media outlets reported that the couple would be tying the knot in just weeks.

In August, Nazanin posted an image of the pair with a loving caption:

"Sept. 2005 ... our first date & I truly thought it was going to be our last. Clearly underage we decided to put our fake ID’s to use and head to the club. Multiple glasses of champagne later I knew what was coming😫... not even 5 mins after leaving the party I barfed in my Leather Jacket, in his friends car & in my clutch. WHAT A HOT MESS. I’m usually extremely put together but he made me feel safe so my guard was all the way down. I remember all I kept thinking was omg I blew it he’s never gonna want to talk to me again ... it was fun while it lasted, obviously too much lol (and you know how hard us Virgos are on ourselves when we are not on point so naturally I was mortified lol) but to my surprise we got to his friends spot and he helped me into the apartment, put me in the shower & ran out to buy me two tacos and curly fries from Jacks. I apologized all night while he laughed, held me and said relax... I’m not going anywhere❤️Over a decade later, many life lessons and a few more puke filled nights lol he still got me🙏🏽✨"

Could a Christmas or even New Year's wedding be on the cards?