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Migos Sue Talent Attorney Over Conflict Of Interest

Atlanta rap group, Migos, is suing a talent lawyer for charging them too much as well as a conflict of interest with their management company, Quality Control.

According to the lawsuit filed against Damien Granderson, the group says that he abused his position of trust as Migos' fiduciary from the moment he was retained as Migos' lawyer" and that he "cheated [the group] out of millions of dollars." The group alleges "glaring conflicts of interest" on Granderson's behalf.

"From the commencement of his representation of Migos, Granderson plotted and schemed to betray his clients so he could take care of himself and QCM, regardless of the consequences and ramifications to Migos," the lawsuit reads.

QC CEO Pierre Thomas has responded to the lawsuit denying the allegations.

"It is unfortunate that the same people that we have worked hard for, provided opportunities for, and championed for are now alleging that we have participated in any kind of immoral or unfair business practices or took advantage of them and their careers, especially while we are dealing with the death of an artist on our label that was dear to us," he wrote in part.