Cardi B's husband was caught by paparazzi - he had an itch in his crotch. And already, people online are speculating WHAT IT COULD BE that caused his itch.

The paparazzi managed to snap a few pics of Offset as he was grabbing a slice of pizza in Beverly Hills yesterday. The rapper kept it casual, as he stepped out of the pizzeria with his crew.

And as soon as he was in front of the cameras - he immediately started scratching his crotch. The paparazzi managed to catch pics of the Migos rapper scratching 

Men scratch their crotch for any number of reasons. The itching could be caused by uncomfortable underwear, jock itch, or a serious infection. It's not clear what caused the Migos rapper to have to scratch.


Recently Offset bought his love Cardi a Lamborghini days before her 26th birthday. "Thanks daddy. I love you @offsetyrn ..LAMBTALK,LAMBTRUCK," she captioned an Instagram photo of the couple posing in front of the new ride. 

Recently Cardi B was getting a ton of stuff off her chest ... according to TMZ the "Be Careful" star was railing on social media, baby pics and a TMZ post about her new music.

Cardi was hot as fish grease when she hopped on IG live -- taking issue with TMZ's story about whether she's going to diss Nicki Minaj on some new music she's recording.

She's also pissed about the photos of her and baby Kulture on a Miami hotel balcony. And, she's pissed because she claims that photogs were stalking her. For the record, we weren't involved in taking those pictures -- but they did come to us, and we did post them.