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Migos rapper Quavo is about to be in trouble with the law in Paris, France.

On Friday, he was caught on camera punching one of Beyonce's dancers - the Les Twins. The incident happened after Quavo was refused entry to the afterparty for his cousin Offset's capsule collection debut in Paris.

Quavo was fuming mad at being kept out of the event because he wasn't recognized by the gatekeepers at the door. 

Unfortunately, he made a similar slip-up. While being escorted out of the event, "a fan" reached out to him to get his attention. Quavo didn't recognize the man trying to stop him except that the man was not any old "fan."  Rather he was a member of Les Twin and trying to help Quavo get into the party.

Not only was assaulted twins trying to help him, but Quavo and Les Twins are supposed to be friends. Beyonce was on tour with Quavo back in 2018 - where he formed a relationship with the twins.

But instead of accepting help from his homie, the berserk Quavo hit him in frustration as he was being shuttled out.