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Migos Member Takeoff 'JUMPED' By Lil Baby Crew; For Suing Managers!!


Takeoff, one third of the popular rap group The Migos, was reportedly jumped in Atlanta over the weekend. And MTO News is hearing reports from the streets that his attackers are associated with rapper Lil Baby, and the beating was in retaliation for a lawsuit The Migos filed against their management team.


The Migos were originally managed by Quality Control Music - one of the most powerful, and street-connected, record labels in the South.

Last week, The Migos decided to leave Quality Control, which also houses fellow rap star, Lil Baby.

Why is Migos leaving?? Well according to a person close to the Atlanta music scene, it's all about JEALOUSY.

Lil Baby has been the breakout rap star of 2019, and he quickly rose to become the hottest artist on Quality Control Music. According to MTO News' insider, the Migos are jealous of Lil Baby's rise, and the amount of money he's making. 

Last week, The Migos sued their long time label CEO Pierre Pee Thomas' attorney. Migos claimed Pee and the attorney cost them millions by looking out for the labels' benefit and not them. 

Apparently both the lawsuit and the abrupt leaving of Quality Control Music had street consequences. 

According to multiple online reports, Lil Baby who is almost like a son to Pee did not like this and reportedly went to work. The streets are saying that Lil Baby and his 4PF crew ran down on Migos group member Takeoff outside of an Atlanta restaurant, and "jumped" him.

This is the second time that Lil Baby's crew put in work on a Migos group member. Two months ago, Lil Baby's crew was caught on video beating up Offset, after he failed to pay a gambling debt.