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MIGOS Got EXPOSED . . . Trying To PRETEND They Had A Miami Mansion!! (It's Madonna's)

Migos rappers posted a pic - in front of a Miami mansion. Most of the fans thought that pic was showing off the brothers NEW HOME. Well they weer just STUNTING in front of someone else home.

You see, the mansion belonged to Madonna. And when she saw the pic on social media, she called them out for their FLAGRANT LYING.

Madonna seemed UPSET with the rappers, and basically told the to GET AWAY FROM HER HOUSE. Quavo tried to keep it cool though, and joked that hey were "trappin" in Madonna's house.


On the other hand, Daily Dot pointed out that it may well be part of an inside joke. Madonna took a photo with two-thirds of Migos (and Cardi B) in March.