Michelle Williams WHITE Fiance Coming UNDER FIRE . . . Allegations That He's 'Team White Supremacy'!!!

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Last week, Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams announced that she was getting married to a pastor named Chad Johnson. Chad is a White Christian minister whose congregation is almost exclusively Black.

Well the popular activist Tariq Nasheed did some digging into Chad's background, and exposed some CURIOUS TIES to people that he allegedly suggests may be White Supremacists.

Here are pics of his family members - who have ties to radical "pro-Trump" groups. They also support the controversial "We Stand Movement" - which believes that Black athletes should not speak out against corrupt and brutalizing police officers.

Here is the evidence he provided:


Tariq also looked into some of Chad's "ministry" and found that Chad made Black kids serve breakfast to police. Many people on social media are disturbed with the imagery of Black children being made to "serve" mostly White officers (with firearms).


Tariq said:

Michelle [Williams[], do you know what you're getting into? I know it's hard out here . . . but is it that bad. Do we need to get you out of the sunken place? Do you know what kind of family you're marrying into?

Your [fiance] is team White Supremacy.

Tariq mad a more than 1 hour video expose, that is worth watching:

Chad Jonson proposed to Michelle last month after a year-long courtship, and they made the announcement just last week. People Magazine had a quote saying, “People are very protective of her and her world,” Johnson, 40, says of his bride-to-be, 37. “All the Michelle fans, the Destiny’s Child fans, the Beyhive — all those folks are constantly like, ‘You better take care of our girl! If you hurt her, we’re coming for you."

Let's hope that Chad is safe once the Beyhive gets a hold of this information.