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Michelle Williams is not here for any criticism following her public support of her ex-fiance, Chad Johnson.

After she posted this in support of him, social media went wild.

And to make it clear, she posted a message via her Instagram stories spelling it out in plain English:

"Social media really allows you to see how many people really need the love of Christ in their hearts. I don’t understand how people can make such cruel, uninformed, ignorant, dumb, immature comments about people and/or situations you know NOTHING about," begins the post.

"I will admit, I truly made the mistake of opening up and showing the world parts of me that have been private for 20 years. At the same time I know there are people that have been inspired by what I’ve shared BUT maaaan it sure takes a lot to sift through and horrible things people say," she continued.

Check out the post below.


Michelle and Chad were featured on OWN TV's 'Chad Loves Michelle' where fans got a first-hand glimpse into the couples private lives. Chad seemed to handle Michelle as though she were a burden to him and was slammed after he told her to set a date to get married and then got cold feet just moments after.

They were broken up by the finale of the series.