Michelle Williams sat down for an interview where she discussed what life was like since her public split from pastor Chad Johnson.

"I had to dig deep. It took a lot of people around me to say, "Take care of yourself. The stage will be there when you get back. The same God that answered that prayer, he'll do it again." I had to have faith that what is for me will always be for me," she told Essence of life after the breakup.

"Women battle their faith because faith is the evidence of things unseen—it's the fear."

Michelle starred with her then-fiancé in their own reality show, 'Chad Loves Michelle (OWN),' and signed on to return to Broadway to headline 'Once on This Island.' 

Back in December, a week after she announced her broken engagement, she was forced to step away from a show she was starring in on Broadway per the doctor's orders.

"I did the opening night, and a few days after, I just kind of had a mental breakdown," she said. "You really have to listen to your body, and my body was saying no." 

She adds that she's feeling in a much better space now.