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Michelle Williams is featured on the cover of the Second Anniversary Believe Issue of Amare magazine.

Viewers of Chad Loves Michelle will remember that the photo was documented during an episode of the show. Her ex-fiance turned up to watch the shoot wearing a t-shirt and jeans and even had a couple of photographs taken alongside Michelle.

At the time, Williams said:

"This is my first photo shoot since I've been out of the hospital and I'm a little nervous about my weight loss, if I'm gonna look too thin, and just wondering, what does my countenance show?

"After everything I've been struggling with, after my depression, after being hospitalized, feeling so low, this is a triumphant moment for me, it is a time to celebrate."

Since the shoot, she has split from Johnson. The shoot must bring back a medley of emotions, but we hope she stays focused on how stunning she looks.

Williams' new single "Fearless" is out now!