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Michelle Williams and her fiance Chad Johnson are in the midst of filming a reality show about their relationship for OWN. And this week, an episode aired that many of Michelle's fans are saying is disturbing.

There have been rumors online, that Michelle's fiancé CHAD fosters NEGATIVE opinions of African Americans. So far those rumors have NOT been proven true, but some troubling details about Chad's life and family have come up.

For example, Chad is a proud public supporter President Trump - who spews divisive and racist rhetoric almost daily. Chad has also been linked to the Blue Lives Matter movement, which supports police officers who murder unarmed Black suspects.

The disturbing moment came during a therapy session for Michelle and Chad. During the session, Chad tried to STOP Michelle from talking about her Blackness - essentially saying she "used the race card."

Here Michelle tried to explain the differences between how Black, and White people communicate. Chad got offended, and told her to stop playing the "race card."

In addition to race issues there could also be a lack of sex issue, despite publicly saying that abstinence is working for the couple perhaps something else could be going on behind the scenes. 

Page Six recently reported that Michelle said, “When we started dating, Chad said, ‘Sex is not an option.’ I was like, ‘Okay! All right, cool,’” Williams, 38, told The Breakfast Club, adding that abstinence brought a wave of ease to the relationship. “I felt this was so good because I don’t feel pressure to have sex to keep a man. I got different results.”

Johnson has a background in spirituality. He was once a team chaplain for the Arizona Cardinals and currently serves the Pittsburgh Steelers. He and Williams met at a spiritual retreat in 2017.

“We were dating less than a year and he put a ring on it with no booty,” she said.

The pair got engaged shortly after Williams took the stage with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland for a Destiny’s Child reunion at Coachella earlier this year.