Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child is back together with her fiancé Chad Johnson, MTO News has confirmed.

The two split and broke their engagement two weeks ago, and Michelle went through a particularly nasty bout of depression because of it.

Michelle has suffered from depression all her life, but in the last four years, her bouts with depression have become debilitating. This past summer, things got so bad that she even checked herself into a mental hospital.

The couple split, when Chad refused to give Michelle a firm wedding date. Michelle had been pressuring Chad to marry her for nearly six months - and she finally had enough.

The couple lived in separate cities and previously hadn't spent more than seven consecutive days together, and unfortunately, it didn't work out for the best. 

According to People, Williams broke the news via a now-deleted Instagram story and simply said things didn't work out. She reportedly wrote that there is a ton of individual healing that needs to happen and she doesn't want to "destroy" another relationship. The singer wished her ex well and blessed her fans with "Fearless," a new ballad about chasing dreams and living your best life.

But after, Michelle quickly went into a depression, and cancelled a Broadway acting gig that she worked so hard to get.

At the time, Michelle removed all pictures of Chad from her social media pages, and stopped talking about him publicly. The former Destiny's Child singer also stopped working on their OWN reality show Chad Loves Michelle.

So how did they get back together? Chad finally is now open actually set a wedding date.

MTO News learned that the two have been spending time together - and plan on spending Christmas with each other.

One of Michelle's friends explained, "They're back together, but now it's Michelle that's not sure about marriage."