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Michelle Obama Spotted Out . . . Conservatives Say She's 'SHOWING CLEAVAGE'!!


Michelle Obama is being ATTACKED once again by the Conservatives - who are using RACIST undertones to attack the most ACCOMPLISHED First Lady in history.

Michelle is now a private citizen - and was out taking business meetings in Los Angeles . She wore a classy and appropriate business suit to the meeting. But now the first lady is being ATTACKED for her choice of outfit. According to some CONSERVATIVE media folks- Michelle was showing "too much cleavage".

Here is the pic of Michelle Obama

Michelle and Barack are in the midst of working out a Netflix deal, that would mean MILLIONS for their family. The couple will star in and produce a series of documentaries about their life - both private and public

Yesterday Michelle was in southern California for a lunch with some colleagues. TMZ caught her and her large security detail out and about:

The former First Lady joined some of her colleagues for lunch at the ritzy Gjelina restaurant in Venice ... easily pulling off the beachy business meeting look thanks to those shades, sandals and soft colors. It was also easy to figure out a big shot was in town ... with her Secret Service motorcade tipping off the locals. 

Safe to say that among the topics likely discussed at lunch was the heartbreaking situation that's fueled recent rhetoric when it comes to immigration. As we reported ... Michelle joined Laura Bush and condemned the inhumane practice of keeping children in cages after being separated from their families crossing the border.