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Michael Rapaport is walking back on earlier statements where he tweeted that Meek Mill was a trash rapper.

During a recent appearance on Sway's Universe, Sway wanted answers as to why he referred to Meek as "trash" and Rapaport did the smart thing and back-tracked.

"I should not have used that word. He's absolutely not a trash rapper. It was wrong and it wasn't the right word. He's not a trash rapper. I can't it but I wish I could take that word back. I'm harsh with my hip-hop opinion and it was just the wrong word. It's just not valid and not true. It just wasn't reasonable and it was a stupid word to use."

He then addressed culture vultures in the Hip-Hop media:

"The thing that led me to carry on is these so-called Hip Hop bloggers, these culture critics, what are the four elements of Hip Hop? Nowhere in the elements of Hip Hop is there anything about a blogger or a f*cking culture critics … listen, these mother f*ckers … and all this culture vulture shit. I’ll quote the great Mantronix, ‘It’s for black, Puerto Ricans and the white people, too.’ This is an inclusive music.”

Watch his interview below.