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Michael Rapaport appears to be #teamJordyn in a recent video.

Speaking directly to the camera, the comedian and podcaster tells Jordyn to take all of the Kardashians down with her.

"Bring 'em all down with you. Bury 'em all. Take 'em all f*ckin' down with you because every single one of these people is trying to exploit you. Get your own show, get your own clothing line, start your own make-up line -- I don't know you're into -- f*ckin' toothbrushes, batteries, whatever the f*ck you're into, get it all. Get your own Red Table. Shut all of them of them down."

He continued:

"You're a young girl, f*ck 'em all. You didn't do anything wrong," he continued. "Whatever you did or didn't do is not worth the kind of ridicule you're getting so my advice to you is bury each and everyone one of them, one by one."

Since Jordyn's 'Red Table Talk' it seems that the world is on her side. Twitter dragged Khloe to the ends of the social media world and she was forced to walk back her earlier claims that Jordyn broke up her family and take responsibility for her own actions and for Tristan.

Watch the clip below: