Michael Rapaport has an opinion about everything -- and this time he's going hard to defend pop singer Taylor Swift, after her camp allegedly leaked the full conversation between Kanye West, Swift and Kim Kardashian.

"The only one is still talking about it is you. Do you think we're dumb? The only reason you're talking about it is because your show is premiering Thursday, and you're sub promoting your show without promoting it," he ranted. "We're gonna watch you, your mom, and your sisters galavant around with your revolving body parts."

Rapaport then involved Kanye, "Tell your husband next time he wants to snatch an award from somebody -- do it to a man. Do it to a guy. Do it to the Wu-Tang Clan. Do it to one of those dudes from the Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Watch his loaded rant below.