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Michael Rapaport: I Don't Consider Kevin Durant A Friend!!

Michael Rapaport has spoken out after he leaked texts from basketball player Kevin Durant cursing him out last week.

He said he does not consider Durant to be a friend.

"Yo, this situation with Durant has gotten out of hand. I feel bad about it. I feel bad about my involvement in the situation. I feel bad that it's gotten this far. You know, I met him one time, it was cool, cordial. I'mma fan. I met him as a fan," he said in the video posted to social media. "And the funny thing is, he actually had reached out to me about doing something that I call on social media, 'The Shame Game,' about putting people who talk sh*t on social media on blast. That was actually the way we met."

Rapaport says people are being mean to him in his DMs. "People are saying anti-Semitic things about me. Saying racist things about me, threatening me, and they're Joe Shmoes, everybody loves it. But when it was Durant, people got four hundred opinions, I'm a rat. F*ck all that rat sh*t."

He added, "I don't consider him a friend. The way he was talking to me is not like a person who is a friend. I don't speak to friends like that. I don't banter with friends, telling them, 'Yo, when I see you, I'm gonna spit in your face, ha ha ha.' That's not banter. That's not locker room talk. Those are threats. They were made over and over and over. It's been going on for months."


Durant was fined $50,000 after Rapaport leaked the expletive-laden texts.