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Michael Rapaport has been forced to publicly apologize for tweets and a video mocking suicidal comedian Pete Davidson.

“Pete Davidson & KANYE must really not have Homeboys for real,” Rapaport tweeted. “These are 2 whinny [sic] ass bitching ass social media Babies.”

He also posted impressions of the two stars crying over Ariana Grande and Drake. The posts have since been deleted. 

Realizing that he had put his foot in his mouth, Rapaport hopped on Twitter to try and smooth things out

 "Didn’t realize Pete Davidson posted an actual genuinely scary IG note. Had no clue. Was not informed of all of those details. Would never mock someone when they’re truly down. Sincerely. I thought this was all the daily normal gossip of the day & was doing my daily take,” he tweeted.

This is not the first time Rapaport's jokes have upset the masses. Back in April, he came under fire after her called RHOA's Kenya Moore "ashy" live on air and then posted an image to Instagram appearing to compare Kenya to a gorilla.

He needs to have several seats and stay there.