Michael JORDAN Spotted Out With His Crew Of BLACK Friends . . . They're ALL With Latinas!!!

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Michael B Jordan isn't the only MJ who is ALLERGIC to Black women. His namesake Michael Jordan - seems to have the same affliction.

Micahel was spotted with his crew, which includes longtime friend Ahmad Rashad. And the crew brought their women along with them. As the images clearly show - Michael and his friends all have a similar taste in women.

The pics were taken at the seaside village of Positano, Italy. The retired NBA superstar held hands with his Cuban model wife, while taking occasional puffs on his cigar.


According to some sources, Jordan and Yvette Prieto met each other for the very first time at a nightclub in Miami, Florida in 2008 where they were both involved in freak dancing. They both loved each other incredibly and took two years until they decided to get engaged and then after five years of dating the couple made it official at Palm Beach, Florida where they both got married in 2013, where at about 500 guests witnessed the second marriage of the legendary basketball player and his bride.

About seven months after their marriage, the couple gave good news that they were expecting a baby and soon Prieto gave birth to two adorable female twins – Victoria and Ysabel.