The former bodyguard of the late entertainer, Michael Jackson, is claiming that MJ used to wear tape over his nose as a means to manipulate the press.

"He knew how to manipulate the media. He knew exactly how to get the front pages. He used to have a meeting as soon as he got to a [city]," Matt Fiddes told UK news outlet, Metro.

"90% of the time it worked, by putting a mask on his face, or sticky tape on his hands – or tape on his nose was a favourite one. He would say he wanted his life to be the greatest mystery on Earth. 'It's backfired on him now, though, that's the sad thing."

At the time, some news outlets reported that MJ wore the tape over his nose to prevent it from dropping off after having some much plastic surgery.

Fiddes also defended the star over the HBO documentary, Leaving Neverland:

"This whole paedophile thing is complete nonsense. The guy had girlfriends and had a legitimate marriage to Lisa Marie, that was the way he lived his life."

He added, "They say there were boys around, that was not the case at all. He made Neverland how it was so he could have it for the Make A Wish foundation; something he could give back on.'