Michael Jackson's family sat down with CBS host, Gayle King to blast the upcoming documentary, 'Leaving Neverland' which airs on Sunday.

“This documentary is not telling the truth,” MJ’s brother, told King.

Marlon sits alongside his brother's Tito and Jackie — as well as Jackson’s nephew, Taj to reject the allegations made in the doc.

“I know my brother. He’s my little brother,” said Jackie, 67. “I know my brother. He’s not like that.”

They claim that they will not be watching when it airs on Sunday night.

“Shouldn’t you at least seen the documentary? How can you complain or challenge something that you have not seen?” King asked them.

“I don’t care to see it…because I know my brother. I don’t have to see that documentary. I know Michael. I’m the oldest brother. I know my brother. I know what he stood for. What he was all about. Bringing the world together. Making kids happy. That’s the kind of person he was," Jackie told her.

Watch the clip below.