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Michael Jackson's Daughter Is IN TROUBLE . . . She MARRIED A PIZZA DELIVERY GUY . . . Moved Him Into Her Mansion . . . And Is Covered In TATTOOS!!

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We all need to PRAY for Michael Jackson's daughter PARIS - she appears to be in trouble. First off, her new boyfriend, whom she may have already MARRIED, met her when he was a pizza delivery guys six months ago.

In addition Paris is getting LARGE tattoos, and her appearance looks DIFFERENT lately - as if she may be using some kind of drugs.

Look at what the NY POST is saying about her new situation:

We’re told 18-year-old Jackson and Michael Snoddy — who was a pizza delivery guy when she started dating him six months ago — have moved into the LA mansion where her father, Michael Jackson, recorded songs including “Billie Jean” and “Beat It.”

Insiders say the smitten couple has adopted a dog, Koa, and their friends even believe the pair have gotten married in secret.

While it’s clear from his Instagram account that Snoddy has been wearing a gold band on his ring finger for the past several weeks, the nuptials have not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, we’re told Snoddy — who moonlights as a member of a psychedelic drum corp — has quit his job at D’Amore’s Pizza in Malibu, California.

“Michael [Snoddy] quit his job around July and they moved into the house where Michael [Jackson] grew up,” said a source close to Paris. “Now they’re trying to do this happy family thing. They refer to themselves as a family a lot.”