Michael Jackson's Daughter Proves That She REALLY IS WHITE . . . Shares Popsicle With Dog!!

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Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has gone viral - for sharing a Popsicle with her dog. The king of pop's ONLY daughter was showing fans how HOT it has been lately. In Los Angeles - it was close to 100 degrees for the past week.

Paris tried to help her dog beat the heat, by giving the pooch some of her popsicle. Many of Paris fans, mostly White ones,  thought that it was a cute gesture.

But many Black people in Paris comments were disgusted with the fat that Paris would share saliva with an animal.

As one poster put it, "Paris is definitely a White girl - this proves it."

Paris also recently asked a judge to grant her a temporary restraining order against a alleged stalker. 

Here's how TMZ is telling the story:

Paris Jackson went running to a judge for court-ordered protection against a guy she claims has been stalking her.

In court docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Michael Jackson's only daughter says a man named Nicholas Lewis Stevens showed up at a recording studio she was working at in June. Paris had a brief interaction with Lewis, who allegedly told her he'd stopped by the studio on multiple occasions ... once waiting for 15 hours for her.

According to the docs, Paris' friend also confronted Lewis, asking why he was there, to which he replied, "What the f*** does it look like I'm doing here? I'm stalking your bitch." The cops were called and they detained Lewis after he allegedly told Paris, "By midnight it will all be over ... the way it ends is with her or with a shotgun."