Michael Jackson's DAUGHTER . . . Now Dating A BLACK MAN!! (PICS)

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Michael Jackson's daughter Paris is now dating a Black man. Paris and her new bae were spotted hugged up as they left he Eagles concert on Wednesday night. The concert was in Inglewood California.

There has been online chatter about Paris "race" ever since she told Vogue magazine that she considered herself to be "African American." Paris was raised first by her father Michael, then by her grandmother Katherine.

Paris told the magazine that she considered herself to be "Black" because she grew up in multiple "Black" households and her father was Black.

Well now she appears to have taken another step in that direction. Her choice of men is getting praise on social media. As one commenter on Twitter put it, "We knew she'd come back to the cookout."


Hosting an 'Ask me anything' session on her Instagram account, Paris responded when one fan asked: 'Are you bi?'

She replied: 'That's what you guys call it, so I guess, but who needs labels?'However, she refused to confirm whether or not she was dating Suicide Squad star Cara. 'None of yourgoddamn business,' she said when fans prodded.

Following the fan Q&A session, Jackson expressed her frustration on Twitter when Digital Pride 'welcomed' her to the LGBTQ community.