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The Michael Jackson Estate has already filed a lawsuit against HBO but now they are considering going after 'Leaving Neverland' director, Dan Reed too.

"Those people made up a goddamn story because they wanted money and we will not allow that to go unchecked," Co-executor John Branca told Billboard. "It's that simple."

He also revealed that the estate cannot sue for defamation as Jackson is deceased. He feels that there should be a change in the law.

"Because the laws of defamation are what they are, there is nothing we can do or say," Branca said. "The man can be damaged, his kids can be hurt and theoretically nothing can be done. I'm going to suggest the law should be changed to protect the deceased at least for a period of time. Because it's about the truth, it's about fairness, and it's about balance."

Dan Reed has already admitted that James Safechuck, one of the accusers featured in the doc, provided a false timeline.