Michael Jackson's Estate is most likely bracing themselves after a new California new means that many of his accusers can sue him for sexual abuse.

According to Rolling Stone, the new law means that victims of childhood sexual abuse until the age of 40 (up from 26) to file civil lawsuits. The new law also extended the statute of limitations on a provision that stated victims could sue third-party entities tied to the alleged abuser that either knew, or should have known, that abuse was happening, or failed to take reasonable steps to prevent the abuse.

The new law came into effect on Jan. 1st.

"The corporations do not dispute these revisions apply to plaintiffs' nonfatal cases still pending on appeal, rendering their claims timely," the ruling reportedly read. "We agree and find their dispute under the previous statutory provisions to be moot."

The publication spoke to the attorney of Leaving Neverland accusers, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, about the law change.

"We're pleased the appellate court has affirmed the strong protections that California has for sexual abuse victims and recognized the extended statute of limitations that it provides," Vince Finaldi told them.