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Michael Darby from the Real Housewives Of Potomac is being portrayed as a closeted gay man on the Bravo reality show.

This week, another man will accuse Michael of "flirting" with him.

First there was the "suck d*ck" incident.

A few weeks ago, Real Housewife Robyn claimed that she heard Ashley's husband, Michael Darby, say something shockingly gay during the party. "I remember hearing out of Michael's mouth, 'Yeah, I would suck his d*ck,'" Robyn claimed.

Then a few episodes later, Michael was accused of s*xually assaulting a male cameraman. The cameraman claimed that Michael fondled his butt.

Now this week, Housewife Katie Rost's boyfriend is claiming that Michael flirted with him.

According to Katie, Michael told her boyfriend, "When I call you, make sure you pick up on your private phone."

Katie continued, "[My boyfriend told me that he] felt like the way [Michael] came at [him], was in a flirtatious way."


Ashley Darby has long wanted to start a family, but she's finding out that the first month of motherhood isn't always totally a dream.

The Real Housewives of Potomac mom recently opened up in her Instagram Story about going through her first truly trying time following the birth of her son, Dean Michael Darby, on July 7. “Today I experienced my first bout of postpartum blues,” Ashley said, as reported by Essence. “It started because Dean has a stuffy nose and didn’t sleep last night, like, at all. Nothing longer than maybe a half hour or an hour, and then I felt like I needed to do all these things around the house. I needed to do dishes, I needed to do laundry, straighten up the house, pump milk.”

Ashley also said that her body is still adjusting after delivering a baby. “Physically, I’m not feeling very well,” she shared. “My areas … are still in quite a bit of pain and physically I just don’t feel myself. That’s really what postpartum is about — not only the emotions of the hormones, but physically our bodies are still recovering from delivering a baby so we’re not really at our prime to execute the same tasks.”