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Comedian Michael Che wasted no time ripping into Kanye West, comparing him to his mother-in-law Caitlynn Jenner in a recent SNL skit.

"Kanye West released his new gospel album Jesus is King yesterday and Kanye will be altering his old hits with more G-rated lyrics. So, yay," Che says dryly in the clip.

"At first, I thought Kanye was losing his mind, but now, I feel like he's fine, he's just turning into an old white lady. He used to be one of the coolest Black dudes on Earth," he continued. "Now, he's showing up to events in sweatpants and orthopedic sneakers, listening to Kenny G and trying to get Black people to like Trump. How long before this guy changes his name to Kathy?" 

He added, "Now, you might think that I'm crazy, but about five-years-ago, there was a fella named Bruce Jenner, and he moved to Calabasas," as he trails off.

You can peep the clip below.