Michael B Jordan Shows WHITE Girlfriend Love On Instagram . . . His Black Woman Fans UPSET!!

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Michael B Jordan has been dating the beautiful model Ashlyn Castro foralmost a year. Bu MTO News learned that Michael has been trying to keep the relationship LOW PROFILE - so as not to alienate his large African American female fan base.

Well yesterday he broke his own rules, by putting a comment under one of Ashlyn's pics. See here:


Well almost immediately, Michael B Jordan's Black female fans jumped in the comments after - and blasted him.

Here are some of the comments:

hebahope97@michaelbjordan you broke my heart ok 😢😢😢😭😭😭

benkolker@michaelbjordan go back to wakandanayealmario@michaelbjordan y?

@sarahampaguey @kaela.fernandezbaas0305@michaelbjordan Lol but you must stop. Come back, sweetie

dayhanadelgadillo@michaelbjordan I’m gonna fight

youbhad.cai@michaelbjordan we see you commenting, make it official

Here are some more pics of Michael's bae:

Michael also recently allowed a fan to slide into his DMs and met up with her on the campus of Temple University. The fan's name was Sylvia Wilson, the 21 year old junor was successful and she met up with the superstar. Sylvia said, "It was hot, and I didn’t think it’d be appropriate to ask to buy him a drink, so I opted for a smoothie," Sylvia told BuzzFeed.

Besides linking up with fans, according to sources Tiffany Haddish flirted with the Black Panther star on the Met Gala Red Carpet as well. It seems as if Michael is getting around despite commenting under Ashlyn's photos. 

Here's what went down on the red carpet:

As she stepped on the red carpet, the Girls Trip star was informed that a lot of fellow celebrities wished to party with her. But while that is great and everything, all she really wanted to know was if Michael B. Jordan was one of them.

‘Did Michael B. Jordan drop my name though?’ Tiffany wondered.

After the reporter replied that she was yet to talk to him, Tiffany went on to say: ‘Well, then I cannot talk to you. Who talked to Michael B. Jordan?’

‘Definitely trying to link up with that,’ Tiffany made very clear.