Michael B Jordan . . . Getting His D**K Grabbed On Dance Floor . . . By A WHITE GIRL!!!

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Michael B Jordan was spotted getting FREAKY with a White girl - on the dance floor. The incident happened inside The VIP Room, an exclusive club in St Tropez, France. The Black Panther Star was dancing with a pretty young French girl - when it turned X-rated

The two started gyrating on each other - with the olive skinned White girl TWERKING on Killmonger. Then, after a few minutes - they decided to take things to the next level. The young lady stuck her hand INTO Michael's pants and started laying with his Black panther.

Here is the pic of Michael getting his JANK grabbed

Michael B Jordan has been coming under FIRE for EXCLUSIVELY dating White women. Michael's fan base is LARGELY Black women, and many believe that his "No Black Chicks" dating policy is offensive to his fan base.

Here is the pic of Michael getting his JANK grabbed

Michael has been having it up lately, at the end of June he was spotted telling bouncers to keep BLACK women out of VIP we reported. As you know, Michael has a preference for White women, and when he was recently out on the town in Hollywood, the bouncers appeared to be ENFORCING his preference. MTO News obtained pics of Michael B. Jordan enjoying a drink while partying till the late hours at a local Hollywood hot spot.

The actor was surrounded in the VIP section by White and Latina women. And he had a group of BOUNCERS that appeared to be preventing two Black women from joining in the VIP activities.