Michael B Jordan & David Kaluuya . . . Leaving London Club With White Girl! (White-Kanda)

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Michael B Jordan was caught again - with another White Girl. The popular actor told his female fans earlier this week that he "dates" Black women also . . . but just about every time the actor is spotted out with a woman, she's White.

Black Panther star Michael B Jordan and Black Panther co-star Daniel Kaluuya met up last night at popular London Soho House members club. For those interested, that's the same club where Meghan and Harry went on their first date. They went to the club for drinks and then leave in the same car and head to Swingers Club which is a cocktail bar where you can play crazy golf.

But the two men didn't leave alone. They leave together in the early hours before heading back to their hotels. There was a woman with the - a BLONDE girl.


Michael LOVES him some white girls. Don't just take our word for it...

Here's a recent report:

While he is well known for delivering Killmonger's great lines in Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan is also known for his alleged penchant for dating non-black women.

Jordan has denied that he has a distaste for black women many times, but the rumors persist, and are often stoked by tabloid reports, such as The Daily Mail's recent piece on the actor dating Ashlyn Castro.

Photos of a recent boating trip in the Mediterranean Sea saw Jordan addressing the controversy once more via Instagram Live on Wednesday. He was apparently spotted with a white female companion, along with a male friend.