Black Woman STALKS Michael B Jordan . . . Catches Him . . . With WHITE Girlfriend!!

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Michael B Jordan is being stalked by ANGRY Black female fans - who are upset that he's dating a White woman named Ashlynn Castro. Michael has in the past DENIED that he's dating a White girl.

But a woman - who was STALKING Michael's girlfriend Ashlynn just CONFIRMED that the KILLMONGER star - is dating a White girl.

The woman tracked down a resort that Ahlynn was staying in - and called the front desk. The front desk transferred her to the room, and Michael picked up. Listen to the stalking:

Here is part 1 of the stalking

Here is part 2 of the stalking

Michael B Jordan has been dating the beautiful model Ashlynn Castro for almost a year. Bu MTO News learned that Michael was trying to keep the relationship LOW PROFILE - so as not to alienate his large African American female fan base.

Back in February reports were saying that while Michael was at the Los Angeles premiere of Marvel's Black Panther, Jordan gave a bit more context to his WSJ Magazine comments where he said that he's "technically single."

"Technically, I'm single," he said. "Dating, but, you know, technically single."

The handsome star, 30, reportedly spent New Years Eve and Kwanzaa with his now girlfriend, Ashlyn Castro. She also shared snaps of them together on these occasions, sparking rumors that the two were a couple way back then.