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Miami's infamous strip club, 'King Of Diamonds' has closed t's doors for the last time.

The club, famous for giving Blac Chyna her first major break, was sued for foreclosure last August and the club has now finally been shut down.

The club owner could not afford to keep it open. After going into foreclosure, was ordered to pay the court-appointed bankruptcy receiver Kenneth A. Welt, a lump sum of $305,000, plus additional payments of $85,000 the first of every month thereafter.

A writ of possession was filed on Nov. 1 and the tenants were given an order to evict.

“Much of the inside was already empty,” Welt's lawyer, Glenn Moses told New Times. “The sound systems were gone; the liquor cabinet had been cleaned out. The lights are on outside, but there’s nothing really happening inside.”

An end of an era. Is the age of the strip club now officially dead? Maybe too many dancers are leaving the poles in hopes of becoming a rapper or a reality television star? It's easier these days to become an Instagram model than work the pole anyways...