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Miami Strip Club K.O.D. Is In TROUBLE WITH THE LAW . . . Because They Scheduled A 'TEEN PARTY' There . . . For Kids As Young As 11!! (And YES . . . Skrippers Were Booked Too)

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The Miami strip club King Of Diamonds is in a lot of trouble. They booked a "teen party" there, where kids as young as 11 years old were supposed to attend.

As you can imagine, parents from ALL OVER MIAMI are outraged, claiming that a “teen party” at an adult entertainment strip club was inappropriate and irresponsible.

“King of Diamonds, which is an adult entertainment strip club should not have anyone in the club under 18. My office has received calls from parents who are very upset that this would of have been allowed to happen,” said State Representative Barbara Watson. “This sends the wrong message to our youth and should not be allowed to happen. According to the Department of Justice, South Florida is the third busiest area for sex trafficking. This does not help in any way. We are not trying to interfere with KOD’s business, however when it affects minors, we have to speak up”.

The party, which had a flyer that stated “One Night Only: Summer Teen Edition,” spread across Instagram and Facebook and claimed to be scheduled in honor of the last day of classes.

And YES there were "dancers" who were booked to attend. The dancers who spoke to the news, however, said that they planned on being "appropriate" for the underage guests.

King Of Diamonds has since CANCELLED the party. Peep the flyer above though.