The police in South Florida are doing any and everything to try and disperse Spring Breakers in their city, amidst the coronavirus fears. Now officers are resorting to SHOOTING at the college students.

Warning - the video contains graphic language and violence

Yesterday, MTO News located footage showing police officers firing non-lethal bullets at young non-violent college student partiers.

The incident popped off on Thursday, when hundreds of college students organized an impromptu "flash" party at a Miami park. The city of Miami has closed down all the town beaches, so Spring Breakers have to be creative if they want to party. 

Police quickly came to the event, and broke up the party.

And the officers were very unprofessional about it. In the video, officers can be seen cursing at the college students, and pushing them.

The officers were particularly aggressive towards a group of African American college students. They pushed and harassed the young men, before tackling two of them to the ground and arresting the apparently innocent students for "resisting arrest."

But then - the officers did the unthinkable. The officer pulled out an automatic rifle and began firing non-lethal bullets at the college students.

Luckily it doesn't appear that anyone was injured.

Warning - the video contains graphic language and violence