Man With The WORLD'S LARGEST P*NIS . . . Explains How Difficult It Is . . . To Have Such A BIG D*CK!!! (Pics And DETAILS . . . WOW)


54 year old Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is the man with the worlds largest p*nis. According to medical reports, his thing measures 18.9-inch inches.

And before you think he's been blessed - according to Roberto it's more like a CURSE. Roberto claims that his thing is SO BIG it's stopping him from working and left him reliant on state benefits.

But the 54-year-old, from Saltillo, Mexico, has turned down a size reduction - as he prefers fame to sex.

Here's how Barcroft media is reporting it:

"I am happy with my penis, I know nobody has the size I have. I would like to be in the Guinness Book of Records but they don’t recognise this record."

But despite his pride, members of the medical community have urged him to at least consider a penile reduction.

Doctor Jesus David Salazar Gonzalez said: “We have advised him 'Mr Roberto, the best thing for you is that the doctors give a normal shape to your penis so that it doesn’t hurt you, in order to have sexual relationships, in order to have children.'

"But he doesn’t accept it, he’d rather have a penis bigger than the rest of the people.