The latest episode of Black Ink Chicago on VH1 was LIT.

Last season Ryan Henry, the tattoo shop owner, decided to open up another shop giving Van ownership duties of his old shop. This season we get to see how this latest endeavor works out. And so far it doesn't look good

Lily, one of the cast members is also in trouble, for calling a Black person the N word on camera. Lily claims that she didn't mean it in a racist way . . . but many viewers are still upset with her. Lily is Mexican American - and she has no Black people in her family.

Lily was fired from the shop last season, for poor behavior - and for using the "N Word.' But she decided to show up, with fellow unemployed friend Bella, to the shop during a party Van was throwing. 

Her visit didn’t sit well with anyone, including the new shop owner. 

Lily, after getting into an argument with the old 9Mag crew, called one of the men she was arguing with a "n***a." Someone immediately threw a drink in her face.

Here's the video: