Mexican Gangs Upset w/ Rapper Blueface's New Music Video - Call It 'Racist'!!


Last month, rapper Blueface released a song entitled "Carne Asada", which was supposed to be a tribute to Mexican women.

Well, many Mexican gang members are upset about the song's lyrics and the imagery in Blueface's new video, MTO News has learned. And the rapper may end up with a "green light" over it.

A "green light" is when top Mexican gang members put out a "hit" on someone.

The song causing all the controversy is called Carne Asada, and it has some very vulgar lyrics including, "All I got for a whore is horchata." Horchata is a classic Mexican drink made with milk.

In the video, Blueface stereotypes Mexicans, and can be seen doing disrespectful things to the Mexican girls - like pouring horchata on their bottoms and slapping them on the butt with tortillas.

Here is the video - we warn you, it contains graphic language:

Here are some responses, from angry Mexicans: