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Mexican Congressman ASSASSINATED . . . And They Got It On VIDEO!!!


The situation in Mexico is getting worse every day. A man running for congress in Mexican city Piedras Negras was assassinated.

Fernando Puron Johnston was running for Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies- the equivalent of their "Congress." He was leading in the polls, and had an anti-narco policy platform. The election was set for July 1st.

The Guardian reports that, "As he posed for the photograph outside the auditorium, a bearded gunman stepped up behind the pair and shot Purón in the head at point blank range."

The cold-blooded murder on Friday – captured by a CCTV camera – has cast a harsh light on the stunning levels of violence in Mexico and the risk taken by those who run for elected office in the country.

Purón was the 112th politician murdered in Mexico since September 2017 when the election process began, according to Etellekt, a risk analysis consultancy.

Well now he will never serve in office.

Fernando Puron Johnston had served as a mayor of Piedras Negras, but had his eye on the Congress for which the election is held on July 1, 2018.

More than 20 candidates have been reportedly killed ahead of this years elections.

According to the NBC affiliate, "Coahuila Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme did not comment on the video but released a statement highlighting former mayors’ fight against organize crime. The city where Puron had served as mayor of Piedras Negras has been hit hard by organized crime.

More than 20 candidates have been killed ahead of the July first elections.