Method Man To Battle Battle Rapper Math Hoffa!!

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Method Man has stepped up to battle one of battle rap's biggest names -- Math Hoffa.

Hoffa and Meth posted promo images and video footage of the upcoming battle, but no other details and to where and when the showdown will air.

"Yes. It's real. #fortheculture," Hoffa tweeted.

The battle rapper has had a mixed year. While his podcast, My Expert Opinion, is going from strength to strength -- a woman known to the scene, Queen Kee Kee, recently accused Hoffa of rape. A claim he vehemently denies.

Last month he blasted several well-known bloggers for covering the rap allegations made against him -- even though they were defending him. Hoffa posted a video, attacking bloggers and calling for his fans to stop watching their video blogs on YouTube. He accused them of gossiping and of being "counterproductive" to the culture.

Queen Kee Kee maintains that he allegations against him are true.