Alleged Messages From ‘Future's NEWEST Baby Mama’ LEAK . . . All His Kids Are 'MISTAKES'!!

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Future's newest babys mother Joie Chavis announced that she was pregnant two weeks ago. Now the Instagram blog Fameolous is claiming to have messages ALLEGEDLY from Joie - and leaked th m online. You see Joie was supposedly communicating with an Instagram blogger, and they LEAKED messages.

The new messages appear to show Joie working with the blogger to help her gain fame and notoriety. And ‘Joie’ unveiled her plans with Future, and talked about Future's other kids, and his seven other baby mamas.

The conversation is actually quite STARTLING - assuming this is in fact Joie. Here are the alleged messages:


The above messages were leaked just days after Chavis, who has a daughter with Bow Wow, went on another rant on Instagram. According to BET, "she began on an upbeat note writing, "Despite the fact that I've been terribly sick this pregnancy, overall I'm happy, healthy, getting my energy back and I really appreciate the outpour of love and support from those who reached out to me."

Taking what appeared to be a shot at Future, who was recently spotted out with his ex-Brittni Mealy, Chavis wrote, "On another note, what in the Ghetto! Lol please keep the negative energy off my page and leave those clowns to their circus. I'm going to continue to take the high road and fly high. High enough to s**t on a wig or two. Ha just kidding guys. Be blessed."

As if that wasn't lethal enough, Chavis took a phrase to her soon-to-be baby daddy allegedly said to a woman he curved and she freaked it! "And please don't pity me. I'm good luv, enjoy," she joked.